Hemp Flower Essential Oil

At Terpene Belt Processing we are introducing the Flavor & Fragrance industry to a new natural source. As acceptance for Hemp grows across the globe, the potential for innovative new products grows along with it.

About Us

The Team at Terpene Belt Processing is no stranger to the bleeding edge of innovation. Represented within our ranks is over 100 years of experience working in the regulated hemp space. The Terpene Belt Supply chain is taking a cottage industry and infusing it with the pillars of scale.

We are a regionally focused farming operation rooted in California’s rich history as the premier agricultural region for fragrant hemp flower farming. Taking cues from viticulture, we process hemp flowers with the utmost care and hast to ensure the highest quality oil is delivered consistently to our partners.

Setting the standard across the hemp essential oil industry is a marriage of art and science. Our investments into research and development have spanned more than a decade. We operate a fully equipped analytical lab to ensure the Terpene Belt Quality Standard is met with unwavering passion.


Are you a flavor house operating in the inhalable space? Do you currently provide hemp or cannabis derived formulas to your customer base? Are you looking to expand your available inputs beyond Myrcene and Terpinolene dominant varieties? If so, you have come to the right place.

Terpene Belt Processing is the manufacturing division behind the Terpene Belt Farms’ Fresh Never Frozen hemp derived terpenes. We are expanding our distributor program this year and are taking on new partnerships.

To qualify for the program you must:

  • Operate as a business
  • Have an active website
  • Actively market to the vape industry

Our distributors network has access to:

  • Oil Starting at $2,000/L
  • Exclusive products
  • White glove support
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Product education
  • Marketing collateral
  • Regulatory support

Our Products

Hemp Flower Essential Oil Available in Six Flavors

Our profiles provide a common language for our customers to speak while educating themselves on the complexities found in hemp. Typically our oils have between two and four hundred compounds, diversity that unparalleled in naturally occurring sources. Our oils are never adulterated with diluent or additives. Oils of this nature have been produced at craft scale through the infancy of the hemp market and only now, for the first time, are they available at a scale that enables true CPG product development.


Our Products

Each individual step represents the mastery of our staff but only together in harmony are we able to produce oils that meet our collective standard.


Exclusively licensed and developed varieties have undergone years of hybridization to maximize fragance and flavor expression while minimizing commonly known cannabinoids.


Combining 30 years of niche farming knowledge along with cutting edge industrial tools, our professional farming team brings artisanal quality in volumes you can depend on.


Our oil is produced at the source using a robust and modern solvent-free extraction system, designed in conjunction with Texarome to obtain the high quality product possible.


Low temperature molecular rectification preserves the fragile floral compounds specific to each varietal in order to remain true to the plant aroma profile.

R & D

At the forefront of R&D, our chemists and engineers use GC-MS, HPLC, headspace, and preparative chromatography in our QC lab to guide the farming, production, and refinement processes.


Our regulatory team aims to identify and mitigate any obscurations to use. Consistent 3rd-party oversight guarantees the absence of pesticide, heavy metal, residual solvent, or any other regulated contaminants.


Quality Assurance

The products are contained in a refrigerated vault and can be traced from planting lot through to production oil batch according to the certified ISO 9000 protocol.

Safety, Quality, and Compliance

Terpene Belt Processing is dedicated to providing quality products that customers can trust. Our team is leading the regulatory and safety discussion around flavoring for cannabis products at both the state and federal levels.

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